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Posted on July 7, 2017

Where To Find The Best Smog Stations in California?

In California, there are as many as five different types of smog check stations. However, there are essentially two differences: ones that can repair your vehicle and others that can only perform the emissions test. Let's start by going over the different types of shops in California.


Test Only Station
Test only stations are licensed by the state of California to perform only tests on vehicles. They are prohibited from performing any repair services. Gross Polluters can be certified at these stations. Potentially high-polluting vehicles also known as gross polluters in the state's smoggiest regions are directed to these shops for their initial inspection, as specified on the Department of Motor Vehicles registration renewal form. In addition to gross polluters, regular vehicles are randomly chosen to have their test at test only shops. An oil change is not considered a repair service so many test only stations will offer oil changes as an extra service.

Smog Roseville CA - Test and Repair Station
Test and repair shops are licensed by the state to provide smog tests and repairs to most vehicles. Under current law, test and repair shops are prohibited from certifying repaired gross polluters or vehicles that have been directed to test only stations for inspection. Vehicles that are not gross polluters or selected to perform a test only can be brought to a test and repair station to complete their smog test. The test and repair station can both test and perform maintenance and repairs to your vehicle in order for it to pass the smog check. However, only test only shops and Gold Shield shops are able to certify repaired gross polluters.

Smog Only

Gold Shield Stations
Gold Shield shops are licensed test and repair shops that have received additional certification by Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). In addition to the services provided by regular test and repair stations, Gold Shield stations can certify vehicles identified as gross polluters. They can also perform the "after repairs" certification of vehicles directed to test only stations for an initial inspection, as long as the Gold Shield station has performed repairs to the directed vehicle. Gold Shield stations also contract with the Bureau of Automotive Repair to perform state subsidized emissions related repairs on vehicles participating in the Consumer Assistance Program. Gold Shield shops located in the Basic program areas of the state can certify Enhanced area vehicles for new and used car dealers who purchase them and offer them for sale in the Basic and Change of Ownership program areas.

In summary, test only stations can only perform the smog test and cannot perform any repairs to your vehicle. Test only stations can certify gross polluters. Oil changes and minor services are not considered repair service so these services may be offered at test only shops. Test and repair shops can perform any repair service as well as the state emissions test, but they cannot certify gross polluters. Smog check Roseville CA shops can perform repair services and are specially licensed by the state to certify gross polluters as well.

Things To Know About Smog Centers in California:

Smog Test And Repair

It is very common for smog checks to cost you up to even hundreds of dollars if one has little or no idea at all about these checks. Therefore, it is very important for you to know about where to shop, what to shop for and also how to make complete use of all the resources that are available within your reach. For people who have been paying a lot of money for smog checks, here's a welcome relief. The article here tends to describe the ways in which you can have an inexpensive smog check. Smog checks now need not be always expensive. Follow the simple steps described below and increase on your savings.

Always go for a routine check-up: regular maintenance and repairs can help save you a lot of money rather than when bringing your car in for major repairs or rare check-ups. This method can be considered as a simple method of saving money, however, it is more of a preventive measure for too much expenditure in car repairs. Taking your car regularly to the neighboring mechanic can also help you earn a few free tips for keeping your vehicle in a smooth running condition. This will overtime result in even larger savings than you could imagine. Remember to change the oil frequently: Though the price of oil is expensive, it is still advised that you change the oil of your vehicle at frequent intervals. The price of the oil usually depends on the type of oil that is being put into the car. Now, if you begin comparing the cost incurred to you when you keep changing your oils at intervals to the huge amount you certainly would have to shell out only because your engine broke down due to lack of oil change, you will realize that changing of oils is a wiser decision. For people who are wondering about the recommended time to change the oil, it should usually be done after every three thousand miles or simply, twice a year. Prefer to use the coupons: Most of the people have no idea that smog checks coupons are actually available. Well, they are! Here's a fact about these smog check coupons. Your city might have more than a hundred mechanics. Imagine how the scene would be if each of them kept waiting for customers to them, without having any loyal ones. Wouldn't they just be out of business in a month's time? Of course they would. The owners of these maintenance and repair shops do all they can to stay in the market and be above their competitors. This includes the promotion of their shops by distributing these smog check coupons to new customers as well as to their loyal ones. This is one of the most effective tips you could use to save money on smog checks. Look out for the coupons when you go to your local mechanic the next time.

Smog check coupons can be bought through the shops and also online. In fact, these shops are ever ready to help you so that you keep requiring your services anytime that your car needs repairs in future.

What Is The Process Of Smog Certifications in California?

California Smog Center

Reports indicate that nearly a third of older model vehicles checked for smog tests in SoCal failed even after being inspected within the first year alone so it important to choose a reputable station for your next star smog check. Smog laws in California apply to both new and used vehicles, where the former needs to be certified before registration and the latter manufactured after 1976 participate in a smog check every two years.

Smog diagnostic stations in California use a state of the art exhaust gas analyzer to identify the cars that are polluters. Its functionality is similar to a photo camera, except that it takes pictures of the vehicle's exhaust rather than the actual vehicle. A certified technician then analyzes and evaluates these photos to diagnose the vehicle's condition. If the vehicle fails the test, the owner will have to get the damaged parts replaced before getting it retested.

Price of the Smog Test in California

There are several businesses that offer smog checks, but it is cheaper to take your car into an exclusive San Jose star smog check station. Also referred to as smog check only shops, they are able to provide you with professional advice on your vehicle's condition and how to improve it. Some licensed smog star certified stations also offer additional discounts such as a free 90 day retest in case your vehicle doesn't meet the standards the first time around.

Most smog technicians are qualified to cater to limos, RV's, cars, trucks and vans. Although the costs of the start smog test vary from station to station, they start at $29.95 up to $69.95, but only a few stations offers a free retest provided it is done within 90 days of the first one. Adding to this is the cost of the star smog check certificate, which is $8.25 and seems to be the standard rate in California.

Apart from start smog checks, these businesses provide diesel emission testing, emissions testing and even smog certificates. A complete car inspection takes less than 30 minutes, but this depends on the number of people in queue. The actual test can be completed in 20 minutes or less and add another 5 minutes for 4-wheelers. It is best to call ahead and book an appointment to avoid any inconveniences.

A common misconception about a smog check is that it can be performed at home, but this is far from true and definitely not recommended. Evaluating a vehicles emission requires professional and fairly large equipment that is extremely expensive. In addition, there would be issues of credibility as there is no certificate for a home smog test. This would not only be impractical, but would raise eyebrows if the results of the smog tests were produced from home.

As a car owner, there are a few warning signs to watch for to determine the right time for a checkup. If your "check engine light" is turned on, it's a veritable sign that your vehicle is due for a smog check. A faulty oxygen sensor is the most common reason for the activation of the 'check engine light', and replacing it may cost anywhere from $150 to $1000 depending on the vehicle and its condition.

Even if your vehicle is in great condition, is best to get a smog check periodically to avoid any expensive future repairs.

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